Why we have them?

Under the new Government Regulations all Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC) like the Varne have to show and record that their active members are participating in sports.

As the club is open 12 months a year we have to show that club members participate at least 12 times per year. That is why with your club membership card you will be issued with 12 plastic tokens per active member.


How you use them

Each time you visit the club and participate in an eligible sport you can put a token in one of the token boxes around the club. Her Majesties Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have produced a list below  of what participation is:

1) Participating in an eligible sport organised by the club,this can also be away from the club ie a fishing match or a sailing regatta.

2) Being a match official for an eligible sport for the club.

3) Coaching members in an eligible sport.

4) Providing first aid to persons playing a eligible sport.

5) Being an accompanying individual for the club,ie accompanying someone who has a disability.

6) Driving a club vehicle ( rescue boat)

7) Preparing and maintaining club sporting facilities or equipment for use in an eligible sport. ( working on your boat as Angling is an eligible sport)

8) Being an officer or a committee member of the club.

9) Undertaking a training course.

Eligible Sports



Power boating/ water skiing




SUP ( New sport being added to the list)           

Jet Skiing

Land Yachting         

Supporting our Club


Thank you for agreeing to take part in the new token system and helping us to demonstrate that the club  meets the CASC regulations.

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