DAA Youth @ the VBC

The Varne fishing section was approached by the 
http://www.dungenessangling.co.uk/ while back if we could arrange their youth section to go afloat at us for a spot of mackerel fishing.

Yesterday, weve had the pleasure to host these next generation of great anglers at the Club.
We could have done with slightly less breeze and a wee bit more mackerel (or even just one!!), however weve all had a fantastic time.
Most kids had not been on a boat before, it was an absolute pleasure to watch the soaking it all up!

Thanks for many of our members - both on the boats and helping on the shore- i know it was hard work for all, - it really appreciated! - just look at the grin on some of the faces bellow!

 photo P1090134_1.jpg  photo P1090132_1.jpg  photo P1090119_1.jpg  photo P1090118_1.jpg  photo P1090116_1.jpg  photo P1090114_1.jpg  photo P1090107_1.jpg  photo P1090105_1.jpg  photo P1090104_1.jpg  photo P1090103_1.jpg  photo P1090102_1.jpg  photo P1090101_1.jpg  photo P1090099_1.jpg  photo P1090094_1.jpg  photo P1090098_1.jpg  photo P1090093_1.jpg  photo P1090092_1.jpg

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