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UPDATE from the EA... - Shingle Recharge

 "We have had to delay the start of our works while we are awaiting our licence from the Marine Management Organisation.

We are now planning to start work on Tuesday 05th May 2015, subject to award of the licence. We intend to continue working for four weeks until Friday 29th May 2015. We will then stop the works, as our dredger is required on another project. We intend to restart the works on Monday 22nd June 2015 and we plan to continue until Friday 14th August 2015. Please be aware that these dates depend on award of our licence from the Marine Management Organisation and on weather conditions. 
The shingle will be placed by dredger at or before high tide, from Monday to Saturday. Where possible we will place the shingle during daylight hours, depending on tidal conditions. The shingle will be profiled by bulldozer between 8am and 4pm, from Monday to Friday. The shingle will be profiled to the Beach Management Plan, with a slope of 1:5 extended from a crest. The crest will be between 7m and 10m wide."


We have been informed by the Environmental Agency, that they will start to place some shingle from a dredger up at Littlestone, the area around the Mullberry Caisson in mid April.

The volume they will place is approximately 55,000m3, but this will be placed north of the water tower, so in reality the dredger will be north of the Mulberry Caisson most of the time it is in use.

They will be aiming for 13th April for a period of up to 13 weeks. This won’t be continuous work as the vessel is required elsewhere during that period. They appreciate it’s not ideal timing, being around easter, but they’ve had some delays in obtaining licenses which has meant they are doing the work later than they’d have liked.

I will post the relevant 'Notice to Mariners' as soon as its published. Please make sure that you give a wide birth to the proximity of the operational area.

For more information on the wider coastal flood prevention strategy, please click HERE.

Please get in touch if you require any more information regarding the above.

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