2020 Club Watersports Days / Evenings 

Please see bellow for watersport dates in 2020. 

Rescue boat cover, availability of volunteers and weather conditions permitting, the session should take place  
Whether you are one of our regular 'players' or looking into booking your first taster session, you need to let us know in advance. 
The best way to do this is to email us on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and let us know the date you want to come down and the type of activity (sailing, SUP, etc) you have got in mind. Please arrive allowing sufficient time to sign in and change.
We will need this information in order to be able to put on volunteers on the day, including rescue boat cover, etc. (We always in a search of more regular volunteers!)
All wetsuits and safety kit provided if you haven't got your own. Events are free of charge. Bring your own towel.

 Please note        Cameras and camera phones are not to be used in the changing rooms.

To confirm whether a session is on or not; please see our live twitter feed on the right side of the website home page  or on the right of this page for the latest information before you come down or see https://twitter.com/varneboatclub
On the day, contact the beach master for a safety brief and to receive a tally.



5th   SUN.                   HW 09.40  

6th. MON                   HW 10.30  

12th. SUN.                 HW 14.45. Easter Sunday

13th. Mon.                  HW 15.33. Easter Monday

19th. SUN                   HW.10.13

26th. SUN.                 HW 13.29



10th   SUN                 HW. 13.44

24th   SUN                 HW. 12.42.      



07th. SUN                   HW 12.48      

21st   SUN.                   HW. 11.48

28th   SUN.                   HW. 17.14



04th SAT.                   HW . 11.07     RYA's Discover Sailing/ SUP/ Kayak/ Windsurfing

05th. SUN.                 HW.   11.54

12th. SUN.                  HW.   1643

19th. SUN.                 HW.   10.46

26th SUN.                 HW.   15.51

29th. WED.                 HW.   18.58

(Main School Summer holidays 22nd July - 31 stAug)



02nd SUN.                   HW   11.00

09th. SUN.                   HW. 15.16

12th. WED                   HW   17.17

16th SUN.                   HW   09.37

23rd. SUN.                   HW. 14.41

26th. WED.                 HW.   17.19

30th. SUN.                   HW.   10.00



06th SUN.                   HW 14.12

13th SUN.                   HW 08.15 (early SUP)

19th SAT.                 The Hayling Island round the Island Race for windsurfers or SUP

20th SUN.                   HW 13.35 might be on, depends if Hayling is a two day event?

To be continued if we have any volunteers left.

Can we also see more of the following:

W.O.W.           Women on water

L.T.L.               Ladies that launch.